Have you ever had sex? I have, it felt great (Yeah)
It felt so good when I did it with my penis (Yeah)
A girl let me do it, it literally just happened
Having sex should make a nice man out the meanest

(Jorma Taccone)

Never guess where I just came from, I had sex
If I had to describe the feelin', it was the best
When I had the sex, man, my penis felt great
And I called my parents right after I was done


Oh, hey, didn't see you there, guess what I just did?
Had sex, undressed, saw her boobies and the rest
(Was sure nice of her to let you do that thing)
Nice of any girl ever (Now sing)

I just had sex (Ay)
And it felt so good (Felt so good)
A woman let me put my penis inside of her (Her)
I wanna tell the world

Behöver man säga något mer ? :D Haha, jag älskart!!



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